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  4. "I keep turning over new leaves, and spoiling them, as I used to spoil my copybooks; and I make so many beginnings there never will be an end."
    — Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

  10. I’m no longer working at the job I hated for almost a year, and it was strange that the feeling I had when they let me go was relief. There was some terror too, because now I will probably have to dip into some savings set aside for trips and adventures to other places, but it also made me think of it as an opportunity.

    I have time to work on a novel I’m in love with, read some more valuable books, and enjoy the surprisingly little time I have left in Italy. I’ll be looking for a job, but I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t find one right away,

    Life is an adventure, and it would be a shame for me not to take this one.